Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm OPEN!!

Thats right Every one I am open again ! Its taken some time but I've done it hopeful it goes good ^.^


Thursday, August 25, 2011


So after playing mucical chair with the 7 batteries i found I got one set to work long enough to turn on and upload pictures of the girls. YAY!!

Never underestimate the power of a box, cats love them no matter how old or picky they become :P and random holes in the box ...... lol


Fat Cat and Little Abbies

So I finally am on the right computer so I can take the pictures off my cell phone! here are a few with the newest addition to my family.

Forgive the blurry pictures as one might point out spaz kittens do not hold still for pictures no matter how hard you try! :( Also seem to think that when mom points the phone at them snuggling its play time so therefore still pictures are almost unattainable *sigh* ...... I have better pitures that I will upload when I find batteries that are usable (I've found 7+ not have no charge) THROW THEM OUT!!! ugh ..... men .... Soooo anyways be posting more later with craft related info ^.^

P.S. give your support to Paper and String she just lost her grandma this week! if you don't know who she is I have added a link to her blog page


Friday, August 19, 2011


So I know its late in the month and I have no uploaded pictures to post. I've been working on craft projects and what not trying to get my shop up and running again before the Fall Semester begins at the college I work at. Finally got my car again really want to go driving around now that its here but I'm trying not to because we are trying to sell it and don't want to put extra miles on it if we don't need to *sigh* soon I guess. I know I haven't told you about my new kitten but she looks a lot like my Fat Cat so I have tons of pictures to upload I promise end of this month I will I must :P because I still have to take pictures of inventory to post on my esty shop.

Hopefully I can get this done!