Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tree!

Monday, October 31, 2011

New Day

Pomegranate Picking!!All shucked
Made socks for the first time, it wasn't that hard but it took me some time. I thought that it would be hard but the only thing I have a problem with is the ribbing I ALWAYS mess up on this part drives me crazy.
This is a Throw I made for my Sister-in-Law I'm trying to write up a pattern for it but I have no head for it so I have to get together with a friend and re-make it in different color that way there is more pictures for the steps.
Just picked up Christmas ornaments for the Family exchange though I was the only one who did it last year so who knows what will happen this year.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm OPEN!!

Thats right Every one I am open again ! Its taken some time but I've done it hopeful it goes good ^.^


Thursday, August 25, 2011


So after playing mucical chair with the 7 batteries i found I got one set to work long enough to turn on and upload pictures of the girls. YAY!!

Never underestimate the power of a box, cats love them no matter how old or picky they become :P and random holes in the box ...... lol


Fat Cat and Little Abbies

So I finally am on the right computer so I can take the pictures off my cell phone! here are a few with the newest addition to my family.

Forgive the blurry pictures as one might point out spaz kittens do not hold still for pictures no matter how hard you try! :( Also seem to think that when mom points the phone at them snuggling its play time so therefore still pictures are almost unattainable *sigh* ...... I have better pitures that I will upload when I find batteries that are usable (I've found 7+ not have no charge) THROW THEM OUT!!! ugh ..... men .... Soooo anyways be posting more later with craft related info ^.^

P.S. give your support to Paper and String she just lost her grandma this week! if you don't know who she is I have added a link to her blog page


Friday, August 19, 2011


So I know its late in the month and I have no uploaded pictures to post. I've been working on craft projects and what not trying to get my shop up and running again before the Fall Semester begins at the college I work at. Finally got my car again really want to go driving around now that its here but I'm trying not to because we are trying to sell it and don't want to put extra miles on it if we don't need to *sigh* soon I guess. I know I haven't told you about my new kitten but she looks a lot like my Fat Cat so I have tons of pictures to upload I promise end of this month I will I must :P because I still have to take pictures of inventory to post on my esty shop.

Hopefully I can get this done!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Post ^.^

I found out this passed month that my cat Really Likes 100% WOOL yarn lol she was trying to make it apart of her it was hilarious!
So my room mate has a foot rest which my Fat Cat has claimed as her comfy spot lol OH FAT CAT!!!
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip how could you go wrong with that ^.^

Okay So I have been oogling this online for well at lest a year now and I FINALLY found a pattern for it and well hell yeah I wanted it. So of course I had to make it right away without look at the instructions (Bah who needs them I know how to make things ... Right?....) guess not it works but I totally didn't glue it in the right places and it has rubber neck syndrome *sigh*

All in all I really like it I think I will make another one in a different color and maybe read the instructions first just maybe :P I also am thinking about making it taller as well just because really. *editing time*
I have been wanting WANTING to make a Rug but I don't own the gigantic hook or needles (you know the ones the size of your arm :/ which just happen to be an order online only) One day I will have them but till then my "P" and "Q" hook will have to do.
I used left over yarns and I really like the way it turned out *don't tell no one it was going to be round* I LOVE IT *wink wink nudge nudge* lol but really I really do like the way it turned out I can't wait to make another BIGGER one ^.^ hopefully it doesn't turn into a blanket *sigh* oh blankets I swear my Hubby Loves them :P

Keep up with the Good Work everyone!!

If you didn't notice for all the Google+'ers out there I have added a +1 button to my site so you can click to share with your friends.

Have a great day !


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I've been up to. (picture OVER LOAD)

OK!! so I finally finished the two blankets I have been working on and I finally get to start on the SUPER FUN STUFF!!! like a bunch of Owls and FAT Unicorns (my Moose pattern is sadly still in storage along with the original owl pattern) how every I was able to take a unmade owl I still had and make a version off of that one. The pillow like object in this picture is actually a badge that you can wear. I have been thinking of selling at conventions and thought it would be cute to have something people will remember me by ^.^ so I made one.
Alright so my Hubbie has a "fav" candy called Honey comb which is like sponge candy so I decided to make some today while he was at work....... can any one point out my mistake ?

If you guess that OH hahaha my pan was WAY TOO SMALL then you were right as I added in the other ingerdents it spewed out of the pot in chucks which granted make for easy clean up , but not so good of a turn out for the candy. Also I know now what they meant by sifted.
Lovely right? *sigh* next time
This turtle I make for my brother in laws Birthday this year. He asked for fruit turtle verse a cake turtle. I thought he turned out cute.
Yes thats right I went to Cali on a trip and all I took pictures of was the fish and turtle(s) *nods* I know I know what was I thinking.... no one really knows.

This concludes my really long month and a week its been sence the last post . I'll try harder to keep you up to date so we wont have another SUPER LONG post ! not that anyone minds right :P

Have a Great Day


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Time

Okay So I finally took the time and made myself a swim top! I have a problem find one in my size that will fit me. I know (what about plus size tops Z??) Well when I go to try on a top I have the problem that my Boobies are 2 sizes bigger then the rest of me which causes for a very akward looking siwm top that is most likely to come off. Now if I whent with a XL top that most shops sell (oh oh barely covers anything) I'm left feeling how should I say .... exposed .... yeah!Here is the top without the underside part to help cover my extra curves, sorry ladys I'm just not that confident in my self.
As you can see I had to add a little extra to the sides to help cover more of my boobies, don't need them saying Hello to anyone now do we :P
I know I said I would post a picture after I finished this blanket but lets be frank about it I have been working on other projects instead. So I thought I would give you a preview of the blanket instead. Hopefully I will be done with this soon.
On a side note I have been updating my Etsy shop and will hopefully have some items to post in there soon. My sister will also be joining me by having a few things up for sell in my shop. No I don't know if she will open her own shop but she just might if her things go over really well.

If you have any comments feel free to ask ^.^


the pattern I used as a set up for my swim top is found here
I know its not in english but if you know patterns then you are all set Pictures are universal ... most of the time :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday! not progressing as planed

So after long hours working on my crochet blanket I have developed the anti hands where I start and the projects then quickly stop going ahhh my hand hurts :/ so then I switched projects right thinking OH maybe if I work on something else my hand will get better and then I can work on the blanket. AHAHAHAHA so guess what I picked to do ...... KNITTING oh yeah smart move (I'm new at knitting so it takes me longer) and it still uses the main part of your hand!! So I know have numerous felt projects (animal cookies, fat unicorns, garland, custom and many more) Then there is the Queen size crochet blanket along with the knitted Lap blanket! I wonder if there is anything I'm forgetting .... oh wait yeah I did Roomie wants some cookies and I still need to clean *sigh* when will my hands find the time to do anything.


Monday, May 23, 2011


So I've been trying to keep busy this week I have nearly finished my current blanket project (which just means more yarn was bought to make it yet again bigger) *sigh* I feel like I will never be done with this blanket. However Eve seems quite content and me working on this blanket FOREVER as she likes it a whole lot. (sleeping on it and in the yarn bag and well sleeping) .Blanket not pictured mostly because I don't have a good pic of it yet and I don't want to post it till its done as a kind of reward for me, but I can sure as hell talk ALL I WANT ABOUT IT!!!! ^.^ no really I want this to be done I have another blanket to make and A BUNCH of felt creatures that need to be sewn and stuffed and a really big project that needs wire to hold it up (its not really super big just needs the support ) and that project was suppose to be done on the 17th (hahaha) good thing I'm doing it because I wanted to and not because a customer asked for it I would be totally dead right now. I'm totally behind and this is my current time off to get everything done. I wish I had a work room again I hate being stuffed in my bedroom throwing my projects around because they got in the way and my Hubbie ALWAYS seems to find those damn straight pins with his feet *sigh* I swear I picked them ALL up but nooooooooo one just has to get away.I have to say he is a good sport when it comes to all the crafting things everywhere (what a wonderful Hubbie).

So hopefully next time I post I will have more pictures of the crafts that I have been working on!!

I'm thinkin about working with duck tape again (I miss my rainbow of duct tape) and now there is more colors what more could a girl ask for ^.^


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Party

Mini cupcakes Chocolate with cream cheese frostingScooby-Doo Cake .. White cake with Chocolate Mousse and Whipped Topping!

Happy Birthday Kairi!

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Banner Ideas

So I always have trouble with trying to figure out my banner set up. Ive made countless banners that are just floppy and boring.
There has been three I believe variations of this banner and another that had pictures. However the pictures where so dark that I had to gray scale them in order for it to look good. I have scene gotten a different camera so I hope to try out the picture banner again. This now brings up the fact I don't have photo shop let alone know how to use it anymore *sigh* which leaves me to now work in paint which I'm better at but not wonderful by any means. SO if anyone can give me a hint for well anything at this moment that would be awesome I plan on having my shop up and running in a few months ..... I'm thinking around or before August. I have already started cutting out plushies to sale and hope to get a good bulk of the work done over the two week summer break I get from work. I'm excited and worried about the whole thing I know it takes a bit of money to start going but I really want to do well and be able to stay open this time instead of having to close due to car issues and other unforeseen things.Wish me luck!!