Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Post ^.^

I found out this passed month that my cat Really Likes 100% WOOL yarn lol she was trying to make it apart of her it was hilarious!
So my room mate has a foot rest which my Fat Cat has claimed as her comfy spot lol OH FAT CAT!!!
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip how could you go wrong with that ^.^

Okay So I have been oogling this online for well at lest a year now and I FINALLY found a pattern for it and well hell yeah I wanted it. So of course I had to make it right away without look at the instructions (Bah who needs them I know how to make things ... Right?....) guess not it works but I totally didn't glue it in the right places and it has rubber neck syndrome *sigh*

All in all I really like it I think I will make another one in a different color and maybe read the instructions first just maybe :P I also am thinking about making it taller as well just because really. *editing time*
I have been wanting WANTING to make a Rug but I don't own the gigantic hook or needles (you know the ones the size of your arm :/ which just happen to be an order online only) One day I will have them but till then my "P" and "Q" hook will have to do.
I used left over yarns and I really like the way it turned out *don't tell no one it was going to be round* I LOVE IT *wink wink nudge nudge* lol but really I really do like the way it turned out I can't wait to make another BIGGER one ^.^ hopefully it doesn't turn into a blanket *sigh* oh blankets I swear my Hubby Loves them :P

Keep up with the Good Work everyone!!

If you didn't notice for all the Google+'ers out there I have added a +1 button to my site so you can click to share with your friends.

Have a great day !


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