Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I've been up to. (picture OVER LOAD)

OK!! so I finally finished the two blankets I have been working on and I finally get to start on the SUPER FUN STUFF!!! like a bunch of Owls and FAT Unicorns (my Moose pattern is sadly still in storage along with the original owl pattern) how every I was able to take a unmade owl I still had and make a version off of that one. The pillow like object in this picture is actually a badge that you can wear. I have been thinking of selling at conventions and thought it would be cute to have something people will remember me by ^.^ so I made one.
Alright so my Hubbie has a "fav" candy called Honey comb which is like sponge candy so I decided to make some today while he was at work....... can any one point out my mistake ?

If you guess that OH hahaha my pan was WAY TOO SMALL then you were right as I added in the other ingerdents it spewed out of the pot in chucks which granted make for easy clean up , but not so good of a turn out for the candy. Also I know now what they meant by sifted.
Lovely right? *sigh* next time
This turtle I make for my brother in laws Birthday this year. He asked for fruit turtle verse a cake turtle. I thought he turned out cute.
Yes thats right I went to Cali on a trip and all I took pictures of was the fish and turtle(s) *nods* I know I know what was I thinking.... no one really knows.

This concludes my really long month and a week its been sence the last post . I'll try harder to keep you up to date so we wont have another SUPER LONG post ! not that anyone minds right :P

Have a Great Day


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