Saturday, July 28, 2012

I don't want to!

I want to throw a fit and kick and scream I DON'T WANT TO WORKOUT! *sigh* feeling shitty right now. I will, I have to, I must workout and its almost time but damnit I reaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to. Yesterday was like pulling teeth so today its worse. 5 more minutes .....better get my shoes on and get ready >.< watch me go......
 one day want to get one of these coffee singles!      .

Friday, July 27, 2012

About Me

 Just to be clear I have done diets before and lost tons of weight. I don't want to do that this time I want to figure out what I can eat and still maintain my life without having to give up everything. I did the Atkins diet with my dad when I was younger and it worked great. I missed pop-tarts, chips and fresh right from the oven bread (not so much candies, not a big sugar junkie). I started high school and forced myself to not eat any carbs to keep my weight off, or if I did  it would be the only carb/big food item I would eat that day. I was over compensating for them, treating them like sugary fats. I know I can't eat the entire loaf of hot french bread but man do I want to sometimes. I have to workout in order to maintain my weight, I don't have the luxury of eating and staying "skinny" . I don't have a need to be skinny in fact it looks like I'm sick if I lose too much weight. I have that shape where you need a little something something to look "HOT" lol .

  So this time I am going back to the no soda lifestyle (its where if I drink one I bounce off the walls like a kid on a sugar high) it's a lot easier then it sounds.  I like tea so I replace tea for soda whenever I can, which is just about everywhere. Now you can start off going to sweetened tea, but I go straight for the unsweetened kind. After a few weeks you will notice that different teas taste bitter and some SUPER GOOD, and if you eat your sugary treat it gives it a sweeter taste. Its amazing how it changes the flavor of what your drinking and eating. I eat pasta and chips, breads, and sweets I am not doing a diet I am trying to live and not starve myself from things I want.

 I have found that Fast Food packs on the pounds a lot quicker then if you cook at home every night. Why? because you eat more/ buy more then you need and consume it all. You really don't need much more then a small fry and a Burger (just one) and maybe a small soda. That's it, if you try this for a week (3 times a day, IF you eat out all the time) I'm sure you will feel better ( I can't say for sure you will lose weight me= not a doctor) and if your hungry in between meals grab a fruit or vegetable tray to munch on. By no means start doing 3x a day if you don't eat out all the time, just do it when you do. Change your habit of fast food eating.

I feel like I have strayed off the topic of me .... and now a bit lost so I will end this post for now and come back at a later time.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Really Short

I did work out Monday and it was good and super hot >.< need to set up a fan. Tuesday I went and looked at houses and I think I got depressed because by the time I got home I just really wanted to go to bed. So I did, I plan on doing them today no matter what! So wish me luck that I pull up and just do it! I have a busy week  ahead of me! I need to find a ride for my husband and myself to job interviews *sigh* I wish that getting the car fixed was a quicker processes, but I am happy our mechanic has a job so I will continue to ride the bus till he gets free time to work on it. I will post cat pictures in the next one, I have a few new ones ^.^ ...s


Friday, July 20, 2012


So I haven't been working out this past week. I have been walking to the buss stop everyday >.< my car broke ( steering colum) *sigh* one more week but I plan on staring back up again. I have been trying to get a second job and so have been busy with that as well. Also Toro is now living with a friend of mine till I move to a new place (wont go into details but its dumb). Got too stressed out this past week and said screw exercising (not a good idea but that's how I justified it in my head) I promise by Monday I will be back on track, You can hold me to that :) I think I will do a weight up date and measurements ^.^ That way you have more proof I'm trying and not just telling you lies.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Water Box

 So relaxing having a nice cold Heineken thinking about what I want to do for the month of Auguest. I am thinking about adding a 10-30 min dance workout in the morning to go along with my 40 min elliptical and 25 min weights (time on weights is a guess).
 AND of course can't have a good day without cat pictures, so here is Eve cheating on her soda box with the Water box (she loves the cover top).
Oh and yes I do plan on working out tonight. NO EXCUSES!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Very Blurry FAT CAT!
The Elliptical that I use, in its spot in the garage. I's missing the power cord but its okay it works just fine still.
 Eve (FatCat) is the hardest to get a good picture! However she is sleeping quite nice and snugly.

AND YES HOOKER LLAMA? I really have no idea but that's what it looks like. Also if you happen to know where this originally came from I would LOVE to Know!!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012


 I finally got newer pictures of him, too bad there is no size guage  >.< other then the beat up hunk of paper.
 So you know how I took Wednesday off, welllllll I took Friday off as well *sigh* eat late felt depressed and just wanted to go to bed. So I did and it sucked. Last night I worked out, lasted 5-6 songs on the elliptical could have gone longer but there needs to be a time limit on garage time with no air flow.

I will work out tonight, just got to get up and do it.

P.S. I kinda want to get a weight/exercise ball     

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th USA

So it's the 4th and the fireworks started going off last week 0.o yeah  all the cats are wide eyed and claws out  *sigh* poor  kitties. Trying not to do any odd or loud noises just in case they pee them self's in fear. It really is upsetting to both parties when the cat pees on you cause its so scared.  Hopefully it end soon (don't want the pee situation) it happened once before and that is more then enough times if you ask me. Also I am thinking of skipping my cores (i had a bit to drink tonight and feel more like going to bed then doing them. It will be my first day I haven't done them so I think it will be okay but I don't want to make it a habit.

My Hubby thinks it Hot when I work out ^.^ see you never know Ladies.You could be sitting on a land mine of potential  fun and not even know it!


Sunday, July 1, 2012


 So I decided to make a few cat toys  and put them up in my shop. The pattern for them came from UME Crafts, I just love her work (and yes I did get her permission though I have to say its been a few years, I hope she remembers : /  ....)