Friday, July 27, 2012

About Me

 Just to be clear I have done diets before and lost tons of weight. I don't want to do that this time I want to figure out what I can eat and still maintain my life without having to give up everything. I did the Atkins diet with my dad when I was younger and it worked great. I missed pop-tarts, chips and fresh right from the oven bread (not so much candies, not a big sugar junkie). I started high school and forced myself to not eat any carbs to keep my weight off, or if I did  it would be the only carb/big food item I would eat that day. I was over compensating for them, treating them like sugary fats. I know I can't eat the entire loaf of hot french bread but man do I want to sometimes. I have to workout in order to maintain my weight, I don't have the luxury of eating and staying "skinny" . I don't have a need to be skinny in fact it looks like I'm sick if I lose too much weight. I have that shape where you need a little something something to look "HOT" lol .

  So this time I am going back to the no soda lifestyle (its where if I drink one I bounce off the walls like a kid on a sugar high) it's a lot easier then it sounds.  I like tea so I replace tea for soda whenever I can, which is just about everywhere. Now you can start off going to sweetened tea, but I go straight for the unsweetened kind. After a few weeks you will notice that different teas taste bitter and some SUPER GOOD, and if you eat your sugary treat it gives it a sweeter taste. Its amazing how it changes the flavor of what your drinking and eating. I eat pasta and chips, breads, and sweets I am not doing a diet I am trying to live and not starve myself from things I want.

 I have found that Fast Food packs on the pounds a lot quicker then if you cook at home every night. Why? because you eat more/ buy more then you need and consume it all. You really don't need much more then a small fry and a Burger (just one) and maybe a small soda. That's it, if you try this for a week (3 times a day, IF you eat out all the time) I'm sure you will feel better ( I can't say for sure you will lose weight me= not a doctor) and if your hungry in between meals grab a fruit or vegetable tray to munch on. By no means start doing 3x a day if you don't eat out all the time, just do it when you do. Change your habit of fast food eating.

I feel like I have strayed off the topic of me .... and now a bit lost so I will end this post for now and come back at a later time.  

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