Sunday, May 5, 2013

Title, Title, Title

Knitted version :)  which took me almost 2 years to finish due to moving and work.
I stared working on this back in 2012 and have yet to finish it because I am not sure what I am doing with it. I ended up with 60? peices and bought a filler yarn to "add more" bulk to the finished piece but I'm at a loss for what that will end up being.

 This is a picture of about 6 different projects going on all at once! I'm still working on 3 of them but they are soooooooo close to being done I can see the finish line.

Here is Toro asking if he might come up for a sit on the couch with me. You can also see one of the 3 remaining projects in the background waiting for the name of the child it's going to, to be hand stitched on it in colorful felt letters.
 This is me trying to figure out Japanese spelling of my Niece's name, I'm just going to have to ask Her mother for her and her brother's name in kanji (I think that's the one she is using). I never took Japaneses in College so I can only guess from what I remember my friends and siblings talking about.
So that concludes my update that I know has been a rather LONG time in the making.

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