Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday! not progressing as planed

So after long hours working on my crochet blanket I have developed the anti hands where I start and the projects then quickly stop going ahhh my hand hurts :/ so then I switched projects right thinking OH maybe if I work on something else my hand will get better and then I can work on the blanket. AHAHAHAHA so guess what I picked to do ...... KNITTING oh yeah smart move (I'm new at knitting so it takes me longer) and it still uses the main part of your hand!! So I know have numerous felt projects (animal cookies, fat unicorns, garland, custom and many more) Then there is the Queen size crochet blanket along with the knitted Lap blanket! I wonder if there is anything I'm forgetting .... oh wait yeah I did Roomie wants some cookies and I still need to clean *sigh* when will my hands find the time to do anything.


Monday, May 23, 2011


So I've been trying to keep busy this week I have nearly finished my current blanket project (which just means more yarn was bought to make it yet again bigger) *sigh* I feel like I will never be done with this blanket. However Eve seems quite content and me working on this blanket FOREVER as she likes it a whole lot. (sleeping on it and in the yarn bag and well sleeping) .Blanket not pictured mostly because I don't have a good pic of it yet and I don't want to post it till its done as a kind of reward for me, but I can sure as hell talk ALL I WANT ABOUT IT!!!! ^.^ no really I want this to be done I have another blanket to make and A BUNCH of felt creatures that need to be sewn and stuffed and a really big project that needs wire to hold it up (its not really super big just needs the support ) and that project was suppose to be done on the 17th (hahaha) good thing I'm doing it because I wanted to and not because a customer asked for it I would be totally dead right now. I'm totally behind and this is my current time off to get everything done. I wish I had a work room again I hate being stuffed in my bedroom throwing my projects around because they got in the way and my Hubbie ALWAYS seems to find those damn straight pins with his feet *sigh* I swear I picked them ALL up but nooooooooo one just has to get away.I have to say he is a good sport when it comes to all the crafting things everywhere (what a wonderful Hubbie).

So hopefully next time I post I will have more pictures of the crafts that I have been working on!!

I'm thinkin about working with duck tape again (I miss my rainbow of duct tape) and now there is more colors what more could a girl ask for ^.^


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Party

Mini cupcakes Chocolate with cream cheese frostingScooby-Doo Cake .. White cake with Chocolate Mousse and Whipped Topping!

Happy Birthday Kairi!