Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday! not progressing as planed

So after long hours working on my crochet blanket I have developed the anti hands where I start and the projects then quickly stop going ahhh my hand hurts :/ so then I switched projects right thinking OH maybe if I work on something else my hand will get better and then I can work on the blanket. AHAHAHAHA so guess what I picked to do ...... KNITTING oh yeah smart move (I'm new at knitting so it takes me longer) and it still uses the main part of your hand!! So I know have numerous felt projects (animal cookies, fat unicorns, garland, custom and many more) Then there is the Queen size crochet blanket along with the knitted Lap blanket! I wonder if there is anything I'm forgetting .... oh wait yeah I did Roomie wants some cookies and I still need to clean *sigh* when will my hands find the time to do anything.


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