Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Time

Okay So I finally took the time and made myself a swim top! I have a problem find one in my size that will fit me. I know (what about plus size tops Z??) Well when I go to try on a top I have the problem that my Boobies are 2 sizes bigger then the rest of me which causes for a very akward looking siwm top that is most likely to come off. Now if I whent with a XL top that most shops sell (oh oh barely covers anything) I'm left feeling how should I say .... exposed .... yeah!Here is the top without the underside part to help cover my extra curves, sorry ladys I'm just not that confident in my self.
As you can see I had to add a little extra to the sides to help cover more of my boobies, don't need them saying Hello to anyone now do we :P
I know I said I would post a picture after I finished this blanket but lets be frank about it I have been working on other projects instead. So I thought I would give you a preview of the blanket instead. Hopefully I will be done with this soon.
On a side note I have been updating my Etsy shop and will hopefully have some items to post in there soon. My sister will also be joining me by having a few things up for sell in my shop. No I don't know if she will open her own shop but she just might if her things go over really well.

If you have any comments feel free to ask ^.^


the pattern I used as a set up for my swim top is found here
I know its not in english but if you know patterns then you are all set Pictures are universal ... most of the time :)


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