Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My First Convetion!

 So I attended my First Convention EVER, it was called SabaKon and it was this past weekend april 26th and 27th at AlexisPark. I had a blast, got to meet a bunch of new people and see a lot of Cos-Players in really nice  Costumes. I shared a table with a friend of mine :D She was selling premade and custom beanies (AdoraBeanies ) which by the way are AMAZING! I sold (Zethans Craft Shop) Patches, Fat Unicorns and Sitting Owls.  Here are some picture of them while I was working on them. I didn't get a ton of time to work on everything because we only found out about getting the table last minute so we were kinda unprepared.
Princess Bubblegum's Crown and Lumpy Space Princess's Star
The Version I like better of LSP's Star

Peppermint Butler (adding the stripes)
My Little Pony Patches (color coordinating with friend)
Pony Patches on some of her hats ( they turned out so good) P.S. I took this picture of the Awesome Lizard!!! I didn't get and pictures of cos-players but I HAD to have a picture of him!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Title, Title, Title

Knitted version :)  which took me almost 2 years to finish due to moving and work.
I stared working on this back in 2012 and have yet to finish it because I am not sure what I am doing with it. I ended up with 60? peices and bought a filler yarn to "add more" bulk to the finished piece but I'm at a loss for what that will end up being.

 This is a picture of about 6 different projects going on all at once! I'm still working on 3 of them but they are soooooooo close to being done I can see the finish line.

Here is Toro asking if he might come up for a sit on the couch with me. You can also see one of the 3 remaining projects in the background waiting for the name of the child it's going to, to be hand stitched on it in colorful felt letters.
 This is me trying to figure out Japanese spelling of my Niece's name, I'm just going to have to ask Her mother for her and her brother's name in kanji (I think that's the one she is using). I never took Japaneses in College so I can only guess from what I remember my friends and siblings talking about.
So that concludes my update that I know has been a rather LONG time in the making.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No really I'm Okay

So I know its been a while, to be honest I have no idea how long. I have no pictures today and I have a ton of things I have been working on and doing while I have been away. As most of you might have guessed I have stopped working out and been doing some moving, laundry, cooking/baking, cleaning and Crafting!

I haven't gain weight and am at a nice 225lbs for right now. I plan on picking it back up and getting below 200lbs.

Cats are doing good. Fat cat is well Fat, Abby is snugglier, and little Toro is getting used to children voices :0 lol its quite silly but he is still young. Also a new kitten was gotten Her name is  Lucy-chan. She is sooooooooooooo cute and playful but she has a fungi so she has to stay away for a few months :(  but hopefully soon!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's been a while

 So its now September, my my how time flys! I moved to a new place Aug 31st so I have been busy with that. I still don't have my room organized yet *sigh* I need book shelves and a dresser. I also picked up my little boy so he is here with me now!
 It SUPER rained out in Vegas this past week and it flooded our back yard area  >.<

My winter Hat I made but then I made another one, not sure if I will even wear this one : / I like it, but I like the other one more. My sisters oldest is modeling it for me :)

 Just playing around with setting on my phone!
He was sooooooooooooo happy!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 3 No Car

Not my car but its what it looks like : P
So I have been without my lovely Maroon Car for "3" weeks now and summer semester if almost over I mean like days away. SO excited about it but the SUN is killing me with heat. I swear I get close to an hour+ of walking down in the heat of the SUN and then I tell myself I'm going to work out in the garage before bed. *hahaha* Yeah so I did it Monday and (Tuesday).... I really wish my memory was better but oh well. I had a Calendar going but it has fallen my the wayside. So yeah  I am working on a queen size knit blanket and it is taking FOREVER!!!!!  but in the mean time  I made a new bag (the one I bought ended up having too much metal on it for my skin and I looked like I had a  gotten bitten my hundreds of little ants on my arms).  So I made a nice purple and "pearl" colored bag and again (do but don't like the way it turned out).  I will post pictures at a later time I swear!  Monday my coworker came it with a question about crocheting a hat and I tried to help her, but she didn't bring it with her. However she brought it the next day and I figured out where her problem was and why it didn't match the picture. Oddly enough I have found a lot of Crafty people at work, more then I thought there would be. (I work with Computers all day)..  

.... Okay I'm done for now.

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