Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 3 No Car

Not my car but its what it looks like : P
So I have been without my lovely Maroon Car for "3" weeks now and summer semester if almost over I mean like days away. SO excited about it but the SUN is killing me with heat. I swear I get close to an hour+ of walking down in the heat of the SUN and then I tell myself I'm going to work out in the garage before bed. *hahaha* Yeah so I did it Monday and (Tuesday).... I really wish my memory was better but oh well. I had a Calendar going but it has fallen my the wayside. So yeah  I am working on a queen size knit blanket and it is taking FOREVER!!!!!  but in the mean time  I made a new bag (the one I bought ended up having too much metal on it for my skin and I looked like I had a  gotten bitten my hundreds of little ants on my arms).  So I made a nice purple and "pearl" colored bag and again (do but don't like the way it turned out).  I will post pictures at a later time I swear!  Monday my coworker came it with a question about crocheting a hat and I tried to help her, but she didn't bring it with her. However she brought it the next day and I figured out where her problem was and why it didn't match the picture. Oddly enough I have found a lot of Crafty people at work, more then I thought there would be. (I work with Computers all day)..  

.... Okay I'm done for now.

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