Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have you tried?

So I have been debating about using these sites for a while now. Yardsellr hooks up with your facebook account and will also pull from your etsy account for new Items you just have to put a code in your etsy description. From what I have concluded you put something up for sale, buyer buys it and once you ship and put tracking code in on your end you get paid for it. Looks legit but I haven't sold anything yet, I posted an Owl for the test run to see how it goes from there. As a Buyer you pay the listed price plus the shipping and a dollar to yardsellr, which is okay seeing how they allow you to win "money" by buying items and other such things. I am not sure how reliable it is yet seeing how I purchased my items late last night on a saturday, but I will defiantly post more about how it works in case someone would like to know.

Tophatter auction seems like a super fun way to sell and buy, you get to interact with both the buyers and seller of every item unless the seller is away at work or some other important thing. I would say its like the forums Etsy used to have where we played a game One seller would start off the forum and who ever bought got to promote their shop for a whole minute giving lots of detailed information about their shop and what they sell. Now if the buyer didn't own a shop they could then pick someone else or if two or more people bought from the store before then the 2nd buyer (if having a shop) would go. This would go on all day and lots of different shops you post. However here you post lots to come up to sell and then when it is your turn you promote the item and people bid like in a normal auction, its nice and clean and the background changes every so often which is nice if you end up spending a long time in the auction. I have to say that I haven't bought from this site so not sure how its going to go and I just put up a test Owl to see how the auction thing works for me. I was able to pick a time to sell my item after making the lot for it, now I am just waiting for the day to come so that I can promote/sell my lot. I have to say the not being able to put my lot for sale right away makes me sad but everyone gets turn so I will be a big girl and deal with it :P Will update with more information as it goes!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready for the next Holiday!

Working on New item for the Shop thought i would share my drafting pictures with you so you can see the process. What you can't see are the erase lines on the page but there it I promise not even sure this is the final. Guess you will have to wait and see in the shop :)
As promised Picture updates on the hood/scarf I actually have it finished and ready to ship but I haven't taken the final pictures yet, that and the Ears came out looking like cow ears and not cat so I might go back and fix it .... still not sure though.
Close up of the ears detail ! Oh yeah looks real :P
Well that is all for now until next time , Keep Crafting!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I will be having a Giveaway!

I have been wanting to do giveaways for like ever and I always move before I do! I am going to do this starting next month on the First well because that seems to be a good time to do it. I am putting out the info now so hopefully there are people looking forward to it. I'm not sure what I will be giving away just yet, but there is plenty of time to figure it out. I will leave it open for the first 7 days of the new month and then will pick the Winner on the 8th day. I will then contact the person who won and get their shipping info and then mail out the Freebie/Giveaway. I am hoping for the best and I hope everyone is excited about this! Everyone and join in even customers who are from Ireland and England ... From all over the World ... as long as your Country is okay with shipments from the US. We all know how lovely customs can be :/


Valentines Day!!!!

I have made chocolate hearts along with Mousse filled chocolatesWith Chocolate covered Strawberries ..... good thing people like chocolate in the house! :)
Up date on the hood scarf that I am making, still debating on whether I should do two layers instead of one..... I have PLENTY of fabric being how Joann's happened to have 50% off fleece that day, I mean why not right!
part one of two photo beacuse well I just couldn't fit it in one! ( this is the scarf and hand cubby part of the pattern)
Two of two (this is the hood and start of scarf along with the ears..... because you have to have ears !!!!)
There you have it an update with pictures and I didn't even have to stress about it ^.^ now to figure out if I should do 2nd layer and sewing . Wish me luck :P


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Planning on making this, just finished making the pattern for this!More Pictures to follow in coming days! Hopefully I can remember to take pictures before I box it up and send it out :P

I googled this and liked this site super cute and it gives you knitting instuctions. (I'm not knitting this, just to clearify)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Year of the Dragon Crib Mobile, now available in my store as a custom made item!Each mobile will be made with 4 Dragons and 2 clouds along with 4 cute owls(this can be changed if you would like something else) LOTS of detail goes into each one!
Hung by a 2 hoop system made of wood covered in ribbon. I use lots of colors to catch the attention of the child.
Simply point a fan at it to make it move or touch it while you watch your little one.

Super cute and simple AND if you keep the mobile as your child gets older you can cut the stuffties off the ribbon and now they have a bunch of soft toys to play with.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Working on things!

Valentine Item I made for my shop this year!

Year of the Dragon Mobile made for my Sister. It took my a few days to come up with what to do but after that it was just cut and sew/stuff.

Been busy working on a throw for my sister I am hoping to add patterns to my shop soon. Crochet and knit patterns that is. Working on a few that are going though the trial and error process as we speak!

Good Luck to all the New Mothers this Year!!!