Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!!!!

I have made chocolate hearts along with Mousse filled chocolatesWith Chocolate covered Strawberries ..... good thing people like chocolate in the house! :)
Up date on the hood scarf that I am making, still debating on whether I should do two layers instead of one..... I have PLENTY of fabric being how Joann's happened to have 50% off fleece that day, I mean why not right!
part one of two photo beacuse well I just couldn't fit it in one! ( this is the scarf and hand cubby part of the pattern)
Two of two (this is the hood and start of scarf along with the ears..... because you have to have ears !!!!)
There you have it an update with pictures and I didn't even have to stress about it ^.^ now to figure out if I should do 2nd layer and sewing . Wish me luck :P


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