Monday, April 25, 2011

New Banner Ideas

So I always have trouble with trying to figure out my banner set up. Ive made countless banners that are just floppy and boring.
There has been three I believe variations of this banner and another that had pictures. However the pictures where so dark that I had to gray scale them in order for it to look good. I have scene gotten a different camera so I hope to try out the picture banner again. This now brings up the fact I don't have photo shop let alone know how to use it anymore *sigh* which leaves me to now work in paint which I'm better at but not wonderful by any means. SO if anyone can give me a hint for well anything at this moment that would be awesome I plan on having my shop up and running in a few months ..... I'm thinking around or before August. I have already started cutting out plushies to sale and hope to get a good bulk of the work done over the two week summer break I get from work. I'm excited and worried about the whole thing I know it takes a bit of money to start going but I really want to do well and be able to stay open this time instead of having to close due to car issues and other unforeseen things.Wish me luck!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Doll

So here is the deal I've been surfing on for new ideas and I ran into doll making tutorials and thought well hay that looks like fun, so I gave it a try this is one out of three doll patterns I made.It took me two tries to get the top arms to turn right side out. After the first attempt I thought I was going to have t0 live with the inside out body, but after sleeping on it... it came to me duh push the arms through first then the rest of the body. You can;t even imagine my joy when this worked!
I then Added hair which seemed easy enough in the tutorials but not so much in real life Oh btw this is when I realized it was a Lemming >.<

I quickly tried to change it up, you know less lemming like.
I then added a face which I really like the nose but not the mouth. *sigh*So
I took it off and I like it much more like this.
Not too bad for my first doll ^.^ its weird how more complicated this are easier for me *shurgs*


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I can't wait to give it to my niece I hope she likes it as much as I do! Please Enjoy :)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Post

So I was at the craft store with my sister and saw these awsome fabric squares on sale for about .99 cents each and just had to get them. There was a 3rd one but it didn't photograph very well... not that my phone camra is the bast but still.

Okay so posting with the picture on one side is throwing me off so I'll try and do my best here.

SO I need need pins cause sadly all mine are pack away? or I left them at the last place I was staying I relly don't know anymore.I most say the buying deal I got for them was great but being able to find them has caused great concern considering my Hubbie finds them with his feet >.< Yeah I know only his feet tho.

Somewhere around here should be a picture of my cat Evening ^.^ sleeping in my spot *sigh*

And this strapping Young Fellow is Hobbs a Very large cat who I'm plotting on touching his toes for really only my delight.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I totally Spaced but I got a ....

SEWING MACHINE!!!!!yeah can you believe it ! I tried it out on a test run and it works. I was sooo happy but its a beast to carry around, I have to look at the needle and see if they still make the kind to fit it so I can get back up for it. I also need to get a bobbin winder cause this bad boy don't have one! :z haven't quite figured everything out on how it does different stitches but now that I got my crafting table back I'm going to set him up and take him for a ride around town ;P I can't wait to see the look on my cat's face when I fire this bad boy up ! She already tried to stalk it while I was checking to see if it worked. The model is a 6903 JcPenny's sewing machine I couldn't find a lick of info on it online and have no idea where I might find any at this point all I know is that my Hubie thinking of me brought it home so that I could mess around! Though he had hoped it would have been a Singer when he started looking for it, but I love it all the same ^.^ I will keep you posted on how it works and if I can find needles for it!