Monday, April 25, 2011

New Banner Ideas

So I always have trouble with trying to figure out my banner set up. Ive made countless banners that are just floppy and boring.
There has been three I believe variations of this banner and another that had pictures. However the pictures where so dark that I had to gray scale them in order for it to look good. I have scene gotten a different camera so I hope to try out the picture banner again. This now brings up the fact I don't have photo shop let alone know how to use it anymore *sigh* which leaves me to now work in paint which I'm better at but not wonderful by any means. SO if anyone can give me a hint for well anything at this moment that would be awesome I plan on having my shop up and running in a few months ..... I'm thinking around or before August. I have already started cutting out plushies to sale and hope to get a good bulk of the work done over the two week summer break I get from work. I'm excited and worried about the whole thing I know it takes a bit of money to start going but I really want to do well and be able to stay open this time instead of having to close due to car issues and other unforeseen things.Wish me luck!!


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