Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Doll

So here is the deal I've been surfing on for new ideas and I ran into doll making tutorials and thought well hay that looks like fun, so I gave it a try this is one out of three doll patterns I made.It took me two tries to get the top arms to turn right side out. After the first attempt I thought I was going to have t0 live with the inside out body, but after sleeping on it... it came to me duh push the arms through first then the rest of the body. You can;t even imagine my joy when this worked!
I then Added hair which seemed easy enough in the tutorials but not so much in real life Oh btw this is when I realized it was a Lemming >.<

I quickly tried to change it up, you know less lemming like.
I then added a face which I really like the nose but not the mouth. *sigh*So
I took it off and I like it much more like this.
Not too bad for my first doll ^.^ its weird how more complicated this are easier for me *shurgs*


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