Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Post

So I was at the craft store with my sister and saw these awsome fabric squares on sale for about .99 cents each and just had to get them. There was a 3rd one but it didn't photograph very well... not that my phone camra is the bast but still.

Okay so posting with the picture on one side is throwing me off so I'll try and do my best here.

SO I need need pins cause sadly all mine are pack away? or I left them at the last place I was staying I relly don't know anymore.I most say the buying deal I got for them was great but being able to find them has caused great concern considering my Hubbie finds them with his feet >.< Yeah I know only his feet tho.

Somewhere around here should be a picture of my cat Evening ^.^ sleeping in my spot *sigh*

And this strapping Young Fellow is Hobbs a Very large cat who I'm plotting on touching his toes for really only my delight.

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