Friday, April 1, 2011

I totally Spaced but I got a ....

SEWING MACHINE!!!!!yeah can you believe it ! I tried it out on a test run and it works. I was sooo happy but its a beast to carry around, I have to look at the needle and see if they still make the kind to fit it so I can get back up for it. I also need to get a bobbin winder cause this bad boy don't have one! :z haven't quite figured everything out on how it does different stitches but now that I got my crafting table back I'm going to set him up and take him for a ride around town ;P I can't wait to see the look on my cat's face when I fire this bad boy up ! She already tried to stalk it while I was checking to see if it worked. The model is a 6903 JcPenny's sewing machine I couldn't find a lick of info on it online and have no idea where I might find any at this point all I know is that my Hubie thinking of me brought it home so that I could mess around! Though he had hoped it would have been a Singer when he started looking for it, but I love it all the same ^.^ I will keep you posted on how it works and if I can find needles for it!

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