Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My First Convetion!

 So I attended my First Convention EVER, it was called SabaKon and it was this past weekend april 26th and 27th at AlexisPark. I had a blast, got to meet a bunch of new people and see a lot of Cos-Players in really nice  Costumes. I shared a table with a friend of mine :D She was selling premade and custom beanies (AdoraBeanies ) which by the way are AMAZING! I sold (Zethans Craft Shop) Patches, Fat Unicorns and Sitting Owls.  Here are some picture of them while I was working on them. I didn't get a ton of time to work on everything because we only found out about getting the table last minute so we were kinda unprepared.
Princess Bubblegum's Crown and Lumpy Space Princess's Star
The Version I like better of LSP's Star

Peppermint Butler (adding the stripes)
My Little Pony Patches (color coordinating with friend)
Pony Patches on some of her hats ( they turned out so good) P.S. I took this picture of the Awesome Lizard!!! I didn't get and pictures of cos-players but I HAD to have a picture of him!

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