Friday, June 12, 2009

Well now

Okay so I'm about 40 something Owl bodies in and I'm about to go crazy .. I still have to put on the faces which is the hardest part to me, well that and naming them >.< .. time to look at baby names ^.^ lol maybe not but yeah. After the faces are on its becomes sooooo quick before you know it you have 10 made and it only took you an hour or so .... right? Okay so I have been thinking of adding more sea life to my inventory.... I started working on a turtle but he is turning out to be a bit more then I wanted ... mostly because I want to add soo much detail to him that it would take me hours to finish him ... and he is not a big thing either >.< . I currntly have him waiting for his shell to be put on and I can't decide if I should put detail on the shell or not >.< . I will take pictures of him later and post it but for now I give you ....... Mr. Moose !!!

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