Thursday, February 17, 2011

It has begun!

So I'v been wanting a bento box for just about ever now and was always put off by the prices, there was always the cheap version but you still had to pay shipping or have someone drive you to a japanes store halfway across town. Magicly after drooling over the bento boxes at the Sanrio store I whent into a Borders book store and found this cute little set up that is no not labled a Bento box but might as well be. I took the side view so you can see how deep each box is.
The top view so that you can see how CUTE it is!!!!!
I absoultly LOVE the winking food and cartoonis faces I can't wait to use it! I also want to make a carrier for it like a folded up napkin, if you are a BIG fan of bento's I'm sure you know what I'm taking about. I also want to find a band/make a band to go around the stacked boxes as an alliterative .

NOW on to the Cupcakes pictured! this one is a left over that didn't get the original deco of the butter fly that my Niece and her friend made for her 15'th birthday party! Which by the way was a big hit.
There was a total of 5 cupcakes that I decorated in the rose pattern and one of how the butterflys looked! I helped put together the butterfly's on the top due to too many hands in the kitchen (if you know what I mean) However each of her friends got to make at lest one they are old enough after all :) OH and I have to tell you I used my sisters kitchen aid mixer to make the cupcakes OMG I have never seen such wonderful air pockets in my life !!!! this makes me want a kitchen aid mixer even more now!! I almost took pictures of the insides so everyone could see my joy and delight but I didn't thanks goodness you would never get me to shutup about it! lol

So the new year and all the birthdays have started again, wish me luck who know how many cakes/ cupcake I will make! maybe one day I'll get more paying jobs from it ^.^ who knows!

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