Monday, August 24, 2009


So I have acquired a lot of felt but I'm feeling uncreative the last couple of days >.< I want to make more creatures and work on my orders but I have fallen into a slump *sigh* working on a custom, waiting on eyes for it then need to cut out headphones and put all together. I'm having a debate with myself about whether I want to sew or glue all the pieces on, its turning out to be a BIG deal right now. I have been working on my ideas for holiday deco for my shop but its not coming along very quick and I want to have some stuff up before the shipping season is here (you know where you have to wait like two or three weeks just to get your card from grandma) Yeah so hu. I thought that I would be more excited once I was done cleaning and moving everything in my house but it turns out I'm just as depressed by everything as per the norm. I need to get out of this long hall of angst and Climb back up the ladder of Inspiration! All right well I'll stop by again to update take care!

treats I made the other day ^.^

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