Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what do you know

Okay so it looks like I will be without a car and I don't know if I should keep my shop open or not due to the Post Office being a few miles away from home and walking in the heat is dangerous. I might be able to change it to shipping on certain days so I can keep my shop open but I don't know >.< I will get back to you Later about my decision. Oh here are more pics of things I made for the Zombie Nanner Gang ^.^ enjoy

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  1. Can you find an Etsian or a friend near you that you can carpool with to the post office. Many Etsy sellers only ship every other day or once a week or whatever works. Especially the more successful sellers. In the business world very few ship the minute they get an order. I know that is ideal but every time you run to the post office and stand in line that is a chunk of your day gone when you could have been making more things.