Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today is all about my Fat Cat (AKA. Evening)  Right  now the other two cats are sick and so she is stuck down stairs while they are in the bedrooms getting better. Here is a Video of what happens every morning. 

 Here she is enjoying out side in the back yard, taken her dust bath (silly girl) In truth I am hoping she doesn't get the cold from the other two because it's about a 90% ( or more) chance we will have to put her down. I have to say it sucks to have a cat with Leukemia and I have all ready gone through it twice before with Dusk and Midnight (deep breath) I had Mid for years, he even had children who are still living and happy. I was asked this last Christmas by one of my nieces to meet him because she saw a picture of him on a Christmas ornament.She has his two sons at her house. One day I will remember to take pictures to post. Dusk wasn't even a year when she got sick  and had to be put down, it was hard because she was my replacement child I mean for real I got super depressed getting her helped me a lot I cried. About a year later we got Abby and just last 2 weeks we got Toro. When he got sick my first thought was oh Please Don't Have Leukemia! and he didn't (so happy). He is almost all better and Abby still has some time to go. Hoping everyone can play soon so Fat Cat is quieter in the morning (she can be soooooo loud)  >.<  but we all Love her even if she wants all our food and complains if she doesn't get any of it. : /
Fat in all her Glory!

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