Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Kitten

So as you know from the title I got a new kitten (Toro), to be fair the house got a new kitten. I'm not going into detail about it so yeah. He is a very cute little boy who after one week has gotten better with the girls and is now sadly sick with the cold. He has been qurantined off in my bedroom for the time being till his Daddy gets home from a trip to take him in to the doctors. The girls are confused as to why he can't come play anymore and what to sneak in the room to find out. *sigh* Silly girls we can't have you sick too (fat cat)!! I don't know if you remember but Eve (aka fat cat) has a leukemia and can get super sick quick, oddly enough Abby doesn't have it. We don' t know about the kitten yet we have to wait till he is bigger to get shots for it and tested. Hopefully he does not because he is technically Eve's replacement for when she has to be put down. Eve is a super awesome cat and love her personalty, the hope is that the baby will be chill like her ( I have no idea if this will work) our last kitten we got "Abby" is a snide little thing but can be super sweet still hoping she grows up more. Any who now for some pictures!!!

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