Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remember When ...

So remember how I said I would update when I bought and sold on Tophatter and Yardsellr well so far here it goes

Tophatter : I finally sold on  and  they ask for 10% of sale unless it comes to under a dollar. $1.00 is the lest amount you can pay  once your item has sold. Which is not bad because there is no member fee, no listing fee (I haven't gotten to buying quite yet I keep getting out bid ) it would be fine because they allow you to link your shop so people can but directly from you but some of the deals people put up are just too hard to pass up and so you bid war with others hoping to get it. Also if your item doesn't sell the first time relist its free and chances are the next group someone will buy it. I have also found that the lower the starting bid the higher the bidders will go. Take listing something for 1.00 and 2.00 shipped has the potential to go really high verses starting at 15.00 and 5.00 shipped. People like to feel they got a deal whether they did or not. So just a heads up if you are wondering about using this site. So once I shipped my item  I went in and changed the statues to shipped and added tracking number, super easy and simple but just a little confusing to get to that page on their site. Other then that its a fun site to try out.

Yardsellr : Not must to say yet I haven't sold anything on here and while I am given the option to change the price of my listed items I don't know that making them cheaper will make people buy it more.

               Though like I said before everyone loves a deal. However there is a line between handmade and made in a sweatshop. As my Husband put it they want handmade for sweat shop prices and it doesn't get crafters anywhere when they are paying to to take their items they worked hard to make. Like I could list a Queen size hand crochet blanket on my shop but to even make it worth my time I would have to list it for $250+ not including the ungodly shipping I would have to add to that 25+ if I'm lucky. So yeah

OH also if you have been thinking about selling on give it a try I have sold a ton of books on there, its always been a good experiment and if your worried about taxes they have included a (1090?) tax form that you can use during tax time.

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