Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am going to do this! I am setting goals for my self  I really want to lose weight.

 So this is my BEFORE pictures I was maybe a size 12 in these two pictures. I have a hard time with pictures because I was over weight before and then I lost the weight was down to 130 pounds  my heaviest was 165 but I still looked good.
  I was just turning 21 I was  happy but lonely : /
I Found my Husband and got Married  I was no longer lonely and very happy but I atet all the wrong foods and being the sweet guy he is Always made sure I was never hungry, EVER! The only problem is was that it was a lot of fast food that I wasn't used to eating. So I got fat, the moment I really knew I had lost track of my weight was when I realized that my arms had gotten fat. I mean my lower arms! it was upsetting. I got depressed for a while. My Heavyest now is 238 pounds and I think it's WAY passed time I did something about it. I want this birthday to be one I remember fondly, not one I cry about at a later time. My Goal is small but very big at the same time. I don't care about pounds anymore. I really want to be a smaller size my goal is to no longer be a size 18-20 I want to be a size 14 I have 6 months to do this, NO I HAVE 6 MONTHS TO ACHIEVE THIS!

I am Blogging this to keep me on track and responsible. Also I will never run I hate running, but I will do a lot of other things instead.

 I will post about my progress as much as I remember. I really need something to report to so this will be it!

I will continue to post about other things cats, food, crafts, everything.

Here I GO!!

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