Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Found "It"

 So I found my connection cord for my phone ^.^
This young man -----> is Mr. PK (PurrKittens) he is the son of Midnight the last one in the litter when he was born. He lives with my Sister (we shall call her Red because I have a lot of them ^.^) he is kinda the slow one but super cute  with he's gray suit and white accents.
  <---- This one is Mr.Killua named after Hunter X Hunter, we were really big into it at that time. He was one of the three white babies that lived. (the mom had one that died at birth, it was hard I cried   while on the phone with the vet.) I wish I still had a pic of all the boys on a chair waiting to go to a good home. He ended up with my sister Red as well. He is also from the same litter and Midnight was the dad. I don't think I have posted pictures of the mom here, her name was Eclipse.  I no longer have her or Mid. they are in a better place I hope.

 THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! I found the pattern here PEARS!!! OMG I love pears soooooooooo much so I had to make it. She has other patterns that are cute too def. check out her blog!!!!! DO IT!! (she didn't ask me to talk about her). I JUST REALLY LOVE PEARS!!!!!!!
Last but not lest at recent picture of The Fat Cat or (Princess Fat Tail) as I so have named her lately. I just love my Evening she will come to anything I call her ^.^ 

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